Do Not Label Me

My first daily post was inspired by

I am a chronic pain sufferer. I suffer from fibromyalgia and migraine headaches. Both diseases are invisible. It’s easy to label someone with chronic pain “a druggie”, “drug seeker”, or liar.  Because the pain is invisible we often get disbelief when someone learns of our disease. We hear “you look fine.” or “You don’t look sick.” It takes someone with compassion to truly understand what a chronic pain patient goes through on a daily basis.  Please treat me, not the label.

Welcome and an Intro!

Hi there! As a migraine sufferer of many years I’ve learned more than I’d like to know about migraines. ┬á I am by no means an expert or doctor, just a humble patient coming from a nursing background, meaning I like to help people. I’m constantly trying to learn more about migraine hoping to find my miracle. ┬áI’d like to share that with you.

I am a 40 something mum of three chicklets. ┬áI have a german shepherd that I adore and also two fat little kitties but I can’t figure out cats and am definitely more of a dog person. I just want to pick them up and love them but they don’t seem to appreciate it.

I’ve had migraines almost my whole life which is over 40 years. ┬áI was four when I began holding my head and crying. My mom said I’d turn ghostly white and would vomit every time.

I’m a stay at home mum. ┬áI’ve had some success with an etsy business but I’ve since closed my shop. I love a lot of crafts and do a lot of them. ┬áI also love aromatherapy, camping, crystals, camping, and gardening.


Community Acupuncture and migraine pain

When I was going through a particularly bad migraine month I decided to try acupuncture. ┬áI had researched it and learned that it can help a lot of people. ┬áI was ok if it just reduced the frequency or pain. ┬áI wasn’t asking for a miracle but it was worth a shot!.

Because of the cost involved for a single provider I decided to look into community acupuncture. Community acupuncture places work by utilizing one large room so the acupuncturist is able to work around the room working on hands, arms, head, feet, legs. You pay what you can afford. So the extreme reduction of cost enables me to visit a couple of times a week.

I arrived with my 16 year old in tow. I was able to convince him to give it a try for stress reduction. The crazy hippie mama in me also thought maybe it would help with his A.D.D in some way. Someone actually told me that it helped her son.

The large room was darkened but for a few lights. ┬áRecliner chairs stretched in a circle all the way around the room. ┬áAfter we met with our acupuncturist, we found our chairs, took our shoes and socks off . Then we covered up with the cozy blankets. ┬áWe waited for our guy to come “poke” us.

Each of us had probably 10 needles on our legs and arms. ┬áIt doesn’t hurt when they put them in. They are teeny tiny little needles. ┬áIt takes him less than a second to insert the needles.

My boy went first…feet, legs, arms. ┬áAfter the needles are in you usually fall asleep. ┬áYou can stay as long as you’d lilke. ┬áMany take nice long naps and wake up refreshed. I brought friends and family with me a few times. ┬áNobody seemed to love it, cept me.

Unfortunately it didn’t help my migraines at all but it did help my fibromyalgia a lot. I would go back for another issue. ┬áI’ve been thinking about going back for stress relief lately.