She Didn’t Care If She Looked Classy


There once was a small lassie.

Whose hair could be brassy.

She straightened her locks.

Until one day she stopped.

She didn’t care if she even looked classy.

When I turned 40 I stopped coloring my hair.  I did it to tell myself I am good enough.  I wanted to be true and authentic. I am who I am. Take me as I come. For once and for all I’m going to love myself!

I colored it a million shades of red over the years even though it was never gray. Now that I don’t color it my gray sparkles through.  Some might color their hair to hide their age.  I’m embracing it.

I stopped straightening the curl once I had my own curly haired kid. I fell in love with his beautiful locks. Why was I trying to cover up who I am?  My own hair was just as lovely. Why couldn’t I see that?

Now I like to be me, naturally.