Dear Migraine From Hell


Please go away.  I know that’s it’s physically impossible since I’ve lived with you for 44 years. I know you’ll never just disappear.

Instead I am ever thankful that you usually respond to my migraine meds. Thank God for my prescription meds and my doctor to prescribe them for me.  I’d be dead without them.  I couldn’t cope. Please don’t ever stop working!!!!!!

I went to Target this morning without my sunglasses and spent money.  Both things are big triggers for me.  I took a nap after I got home to try and chill but my normal headache took a turn and my eye is blurring and uuuuugh. We meet again.

I took my meds but they haven’t yet kicked in yet. And I’m getting low on my medication. I should have refilled this week but I put it off.  Because I’m the worlds biggest procrastinator.


art by :  Junji Ito


Debilitating Migraine Pain

Do you rate your migraines? I rate mine like I rate pain 0-10.

I had a 10 once.  The worse headache I’ve ever had. I think it was one of those thunder-clap headaches.  I’ve never had such pain.  We were on the way for an MRI and my migraine turned quickly into this screaming, squeezing my head between my hands thing. It lasted about a minute.  My husb was freaking while driving since he had never seen me have a headache this bad. I had no migraine meds and thought that was the cause and it just got that bad. We were already at the hospital for the MRI so I should have just been seen.

For me a 4 is a minor headache.  I put off meds even though we’re told to take them at the fist sign.  Instead I ignore that and thinking maybe it will go away on its own. Try some water. Ignore it.  When I get to seven I still might not take them but I definitely should. They get worse and then I’ve spiked to an eight or nine and I’m just dying for the triptan to kick in and hope it works this time.

I should know better.

Does Weed Fry Your Brain?

I’m going to be honest.  When I first saw the post of the day word “fry” my mind went to pot. Hah! And then it went to marijuana. Does weed fry your brain?  It first made me a little paranoid (hah again!) to talk about this on my totally private blog. 🙂 such a dork.

You know that there are hundreds of articles to smoke or not.  Pros vs cons.  Healthy or not.  Good or bad. Fries or not.  Favorable statistics vs non. I’m no expert, certainly.  I don’t believe it is good for growing brains to be smoking so I’m against kids smoking pot. It’s not for everyone.  This is just my experience.

My husband grew up in the 70’s and was a user in the day.  He’s was a hippie!  I was a little aghast when he told me he smoked pot.  I lectured him (years later) how terrible it was.  How I would never do it.  Are you kidding me? Never.

I never smoked cannabis until I was 38.  I had just finished nursing school when I was introduced to it by a good nursing school friend.  I was shocked she smoked…a nurse! (since then I’ve met many more). I never even knew until she told me. I gave her my uninformed opinion.  She changed my mind with facts.  Once I tried it I couldn’t believe the controversy. I think I was expecting a psychedelic experience.  And it was nothing like drinking and being out of control.

Since then I’ve used cannabis safely for my migraines. It has worked well for me.  If I have a migraine and have used my all migraine meds without effect it truly helps. It helps for pain control, nausea and sleep.

So it’s another judgement thing.  I was just as guilty of judging my husband and friend until I was able to make my own informed decision.  In my opinion it’s an effective tool for migraine.  I’m happy to see it becoming legalized in some states and is used medicinally in others.

What do you guys think?

A little girl and a migraine

Twelve percent of school aged kids have migraines.  Half of these kids were younger than 12 before their first migraine. Did you know children as young as 2 can have migraine headaches? It’s now thought that infant colic is related to migraines.  Red ear syndrome is another coming into light. Just like it sounds…one or both ears become red and burning. There are “silent” abdominal migraines.  They don’t have any head pain but they have vomiting, abdominal pain and nausea. Migraines are an inherited disease.  If one parent has migraines their child has a 50% chance of inheriting the disease.  


My story begins as a 4 year old little girl.  I didn’t understand why I’d get sick.  My right eye would throb.  I wouldn’t be able to play and I’d have to lay down. Eventually I’d vomit and it would help the migraine ease off slightly. Nothing would help except for my mom’s gentle touch across my forehead. I would be given tylenol which pretty much does nothing!

Besides school, the worst thing that could happen was not being home when I’d have a migraine.  To be anyplace else was torture. To be any place other than home and a dark room without meds was miserable.  


The first day of school showed up every year and it came with a migraine and dread. You don’t want to go home sick on the first day of school. I didn’t want to end up in the nurses office. I didn’t want anyone to know. I remember running down the hallway to get to the bathroom on my first day of high school.  I didn’t make it. And I went home early.

At school I’d be so embarrassed to have to ask the teacher AGAIN if I could go to the nurse. Then waiting in the florescent light for my mom, I’d become more nauseous and hope we’d make it home before I’d throw up.

Today there is treatment available, both to prevent attacks and rescue medications for kids. Please see the doctor if you suspect your child is having migraines.  It’s easy to panic but you shouldn’t. Migraine Headaches are quite common.

If your child is having migraines you might want to think about acupuncture.  It has been shown to be effective…and chemical free. I’ve had acupuncture before and my guy told me acupuncture for constipation is a near perfect fix.