On House Guests and Diamonds

We currently have a guest staying with us for about a week.  I don’t have a large house so it’s difficult to escape off to myself.  Even if I could I wouldn’t feel right leaving her 85 year old self to sit alone in our house. But I can’t stand having to be on call 24/7 to my mother in law. I just feel as though I need to visit with her mostly so that involves hearing the same stories over again.  She likes to talk. She likes to talk about her other sons and their children. It’s a little annoying, especially for my own children.

I’ve never been terribly close with her, perhaps shes growing more dear to me as she gets older. As a mother in law goes, she’s been nothing but kind to me. She never oversteps.  I will give her that.  I will learn from her example! She never butts in or criticizes me or my kids. I’m sure she has bitten her tongue many times when I know my own mother wouldn’t have and been right to do so.

At Christmas my sister in law blurted out that she had my mother in laws MOTHER’S engagement ring my mouth nearly dropped on the floor.  She has NO tact.  There was no need to tell me.  I would have never known. But apparently she had given grammie F’s engagement ring which was hurtful…not going to lie. Their oldest son does a lot for her financially and again, I’m used to all the love for the other families. In the old days before I was being treated for bipolar this would have been difficult to do. I know I would have been much more angry.  But now I can calmly let it go. I know why she did it and it’s ok.

As it turns out I learned that instead of Grammie’s engagement ring I was going to get Mom’s own engagement ring!  I was SO excited. My own engagement had been stolen so this made me feel wonderful. It’s a beauty of a ring, 3 stones of sparkly old mine cut diamonds with gold prongs. I love it so much, even a bit more than the original.

I love heirlooms and I love the other jewelry that’s been passed to me as well. So far she’s done really well at passing onto me pieces that she knows I’ll love. My faves are the art deco pieces and the lovely gold bangles.  I really need to wear them more. I’ve never been a bracelet girl.  Perhaps I just need to get used to them.


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