International Cat Day

I heard it through the grapevine (thank you Amybelle) that it was international cat day. Seeing as how I’m really trying to be a better cat person I decided it was best to dedicate a post to my 2 kitty cats.

Truth be told, I’m a dog person. It’s not my fault.  My parents never allowed a cat. So I never had any experience with cats until I met my husband.  He had always had cats..never dogs!

I was taken to them immediately.  I wanted to hold them, pat them, touch them, brush them.  Yes, I’m an adult!:-) One of the cats I remember had an infected tooth when we met.  I decided she stunk from her drool and we’d wash her up.  This was a siamese/tonkanese girl named Tiffany.  She especially did not like being washed up or near the water so she never forgave me after that.  She’d never trust me again. :sigh: She was so vocal and loved to talk.

We ended up inheriting one of husbands parents cats. I was a new cat momma and i was (and still am) sometimes concerned with their behavior.  Don’t they sleep too much? How much are they supposed to eat? You let them go outside? But the cars. Can they have cat nip? Why don’t they like the toys I get for them?  Can you really give them too much catnip?

After the first inheritance passed away due to old age we eventually rescued 4 other family members over time. None seemed to be  especially enraptured with me. They’d take me if I’d feed them but where was my lap cat? All I wanted was a lap cat to sit on my lap while I’m knitting. One that i didn’t have to go pick up and retrieve which they always love so much anyway.

Our older boy cat was raised to be held.  When I got him I was working nights and I’d take the kitten to bed with me when I got home from work.  He’d sleep with me and ever since loves to be cuddled to sleep.  He’s a weirdo and loves to be towel dried. He is allowed to go out and is possessive of his street known to chase and fight off other cats who’d dare to wander over.  You’d never know he’d be that way as he is the friendliest cat always walking up to you for a pet.

Our newest baby is just about 2.  She’s a sweet lil calico girly.  She mews ‘nooooo’ sometimes when I pick her up.  Ok, a lot of the time.  And I thought she was underweight which she seemed to be for a lot of time until the vet said……she’s a little porker. She’ll sit near me or next to me but doesn’t really like to be held. She loves to have her front legs stretched out when she’s on her back.

At my house I’m the keeper of the catnip.  I like to get it and give it to my babies.  Usually I hide it coz I try to make myself the favorite (doesn’t work).  I also hide it coz my dog will steal it.  If I’m giving some to the cats, I’ll give some to him and he loves it.  It never fails when I invest in a large container of it he will find it and eat it all.




13 thoughts on “International Cat Day

  1. I was originally a cat person, but when I married my husband he only wanted a bird. I became a major bird fan, but I still love kitties. Each time I’m at my therapist’s office (at her house) I open the door to her hallway on my way out, and her kitty is on the stairs staring at me, then runs past me to see his momma (my therapist). It’s cute!

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  2. I’m a dog person … though we’ve had cats. As I read this, I immediately thought of my sister. One of her dear and first cats passed away last week. She was really upset. We’ve been through a lot, my sister and I. We’ve lost Daddy, Mother, and Anne, Fran’s twin, to cancer, and our 101 year old grandmother to old age. All this in five years. PLUS … I lost my sweet Westie, Clifford, and our cat Skipper. Fran has just lost her cat Pocket. That’s a lot of loss in a short period of time. Just had to share this … as this happened last week. Sorry to be a downer. jan

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      • Her underbelly is all white but her backside/face is dark with calico colors-orange, grey, black. She is beautiful. I know she’s got a lot of life left but it saddens me to think her days are numbered. She’s been through so many major milestones with me and by my side for everything-high school graduation, college, deaths, break ups, first homes, moves, marriage, children, loss of our first pet (dog), etc…I recently had to buy her pet steps so she has an easier time jumping on our bed (her fave spot) due to some arthritis in her old lady hips. My husband laughed at me and said I spoil her. I wont deny that!


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