Depriving My Children of Luxury Vacations

Image result for travel clip artI’ve often worried that my children were lacking something for not getting grand vacations every year. There hasn’t been European travel, tropical locations or cruises. Or lake house or beach homes. We’ve been to Disney once. Nobody was too excited at the time. My daughter readily admits to being angsty and wishes more than anything to go back to Disney now that she’s an adult.  I wish I could do it again before everyone is married but in the mean time being on disability means we have to let go of things.

I don’t know where I get the vacation inadequacy.  My parents never really took us anywhere for vacations either and I’ve never really thought much about it at all. I am just fine and don’t feel like my childhood was less than great.  We took day trips here or there and once we drove to visit friends in a few states over.  Now that my brother and I are grown my parents have done more than a little traveling and they don’t feel guilty about it. Certainly they shouldn’t.  They’ve earned their retirement.

Image result for vacation  clip artMy husbands family went camping every summer.  They were both teachers with the summers’ off meaning month long trips all over the US. There are funny stories about taking a cat one year and the family getting caught in some rapids with the cat in a canoe.  There was a scorpion sting that was especially memorable.  Fun times 😉

A month is a long time for a camping trip in my opinion, though!  Especially with three boys. All the packing and clothes and supplies. I can imagine boredom setting in, the fights.  But what an education they got traveling, besides learning all of their camping skills. They learned to entertain themselves, thus developing a deep love to read. Funny enough my husband is the only one of his siblings to still camp to this day. Also, I don’t wanna brag by my husband is the smartest person I know. =)

We’ve camped for vacations since my kids have been babies. They’ve grown up with it and I take for granted all the wonderful memories made then. What I need to remember is that those memories are just as good as the memory of a fancy vacation. They got to bring friends, hang at the lake, bike, tell secrets, make fires, s’mores.  We’ve spotted owls, went mushroom hunting, made terrariums, picked wild berries.

This year my son is bringing his girlfriend for the first time.  He was very excited to get to camp last night. She hasn’t camped so it’s new to her and he seems kind of proud to show her around. It will be fun to spend time with both of them. I’m delighted that he is wanting her to see how he grew up and showing her he likes to spend time with us as a family.

Image result for camping clip artCamping for us is not glamping.  There is no big RV.  We gave up our camper and now use tents. It makes things easier…yet harder. Easier in the way of not having to store a camper,  registering the thing.  Harder because it’s nice to be able to store kitchen ware and camping supplies in the camper so no need to pack them up.

I do bring all regular  linens.  No sleeping bags.  We do have air mattresses, a feather bed, many quilts. We have a lovely screen porch, my husband sets up a nice little cooking station. It becomes home for two weeks.

My son and GF arrived last night and it rained this morning.  I’m always afraid someone will be bored camping…especially in the rain.  I, however love the rain at night.  It’s relaxing to fall asleep to the sounds. I don’t mind reading or napping while we wait it out. She just told me she brought her jewelry supplies and she wouldn’t be bored in the rain. Perfect, just the kind of girl I like 🙂

They just got home from a vacation with her family at a lake house.  When I texted him I was jealous but I still like camping better I was delighted he said he did too! ❤



One thought on “Depriving My Children of Luxury Vacations

  1. I just wrote my post today about running away from home … when I saw the suitcase I figured we were on the same wavelength. My family camped in tents at the beach every summer. My fondest memories growing up were of camping … such adventures we had. Thanks for the memories !! jan

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