Edible Pain Relief

homemakerNow that I’m trying to be more anonymous I’m going to try to tell my story in a different light. Too many personal details out there make me feel exposed.  I’m so paranoid, right? You can add that to the list of my damn conditions.

Have you ever tried cannabis edibles?  My state now allows medical marijuana.  While I do not yet have a card, I plan on getting one eventually.  I look forward to going into a dispensary and getting some cookies or treats.  I believe MM is a way to help treat an acute migraine or other painful condition.

I made firecrackers once to take with me and friends to a concert.  It was a long road trip. We were traveling with another person whom I didn’t want to share with so she was unaware I was eating pot laced peanut butter crackers.

I consumed a few thinking surely they’d be weak or not effective.  A few hours later we were behind the building (groupies!) trying for a look at our band. As we waited I began to get the giggles.  I couldn’t stop. The friend that didn’t know was looking at me wondering what the hell I was laughing at.





11 thoughts on “Edible Pain Relief

  1. Preach it! I think it’s ridiculous that I can legally get Oxy, or Ketamine for my pain (which I absolutely HATE), yet a plant could send me to jail. It works.

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  2. Love edibles and occasionally make mine. Not legal here and it’s ridiculous because it helps my anxiety so much. Most of my doctors go on long lectures about how it makes me worse, and I don’t understand. I wish they’d just legalize it; my friend in Seattle goes to dispensaries and can select the exact type for everything – this blend treats anxiety, this blend treats pain, etc. I’m like uhh I get what I get hahaha

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    • I get what I get too! I’ve tried making a few things but it can be expensive too! I don’t tell my doctors as they would do the same. It’s not their business. I don’t think it makes me worse. It helps the depression. :sigh:

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      • It absolutely is. Sometimes what I do is vape and use the shake leftover from the vape since you can cook with it, plus stems and keef. That way I don’t have to buy a whole mess of bud or whatever to cook with. I’m currently stashing away all my stems… hahahaha It definitely helps my depression. I think doctors forget the incredibly curative value of laughing. Sometimes laughing at stupid shit can help change everything around!

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      • I tried making a tincture out of stems once…vodka and then you add all the stems and let it sit. I haven’t had a lot of stems but I should save what I do. I’ve heard you can cook with the leftover stuff from vaping. I don’t have a vape but I should invest in it.

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      • It’s really nice – you use way less, buuut the high is different and some don’t like it as much. If you don’t like the thick smoke/coughing a vape is good that way too, but it does take getting used to for hitting it. You can get little pocket sized ones – I want to get one of those.

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  3. I feel you on the paranoia, hence the pseudonym and lack of photo. It’s more to keep the past in the past, not worrying about the present. 😉
    My buddy would use her used vape material (like Muhbuttitches stated – Love the name! 😂🤣😂)
    She would cook it in a pan with butter, strain it out and use I whatever butter works with; brownies, rice Krispy treats, etc.
    Personally, edibles don’t work for me. And I’m on a diet 😉
    I do love the legal CDB oil I’ve been taking. It helps with my sleeping through the night. Might want to try that. Legal in all 50 states also.

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