The Weekend and Such

I was hopeful that the increase in my medication would be helping much better by now. It seemed to help when I started increasing.  Maybe my body is used to it now but I’m still getting an overall benefit.  I haven’t been though a whole bottle of it anyway, so not even a month.

I was hoping it would help with my apathy. I’m not finding that to be true.  I don’t know if it’s my depression that is causing the apathy or the medications I’m taking. But sometimes, I literally do not know what to do with myself.  I move from my computer, to the garden, maybe a load of laundry, back to computer, garden. Shouldn’t I be doing something else?  I should be cleaning my entire house, doing some dishes, taking a shower? knitting, crochet, painting?

Instead what do I do? I ordered a new phone.  It wouldn’t be a big deal except for I should have waited til I had the funds available.  I just couldn’t wait til Monday.  I guess I’ve always known that impulsive shopping was one of my vices. And I don’t have many.  But I’m one to want to take off to Target, walmart, plant stores or thrift store.  I am always looking to make my home better.  Instead of using what I have I am out looking for more. Now I know it’s part of my bipolar disorder.

Anyway, I have a new phone now.  Going to pick it up at the store shortly.  I’m happy I’ll be able to take pictures because my phone has a cracked camera.  Every picture I try to take is over exposed and looks too light. Hopefully husband wont be too mad.

Oh, I’m trying  a new migraine medication.  I don’t want to get my hopes up.  Still, it’s been several days that I haven’t had to take something for a migraine so maybe it’s working. It’s one that you have to slowly increase the dose over the course of a month. Reports out are that this med is beginning to be used for bipolar disorder and depression too. Maybe it can help my overall functioning.




2 thoughts on “The Weekend and Such

  1. I grinned the whole time I read this … you sound SO much like me … these words describe me ABSOLUTELY … “I move from my computer, to the garden, maybe a load of laundry, back to computer, garden.” AND “I’m one to want to take off to Walmart, plant stores or thrift stores.” It’s like you were in my head !!! Here is a positive thought … at least we’re shopping at discount stores !!! I do hope the new meds for your migraine really work. Jan


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