10 Ways In Which I Am A Migraine Expert


  1.  Forty plus years experience dealing with migraine headaches. And migraine doctors.
  2. Yeah, yeah on the common symptoms.  I’m good with the odd-ish ones.  Smells like smoke? Continual sighing? A blurry eye or two…throw in difficulty speaking
  3. Medication tester.  I’ve tried every class of meds and many within the same class.
  4. A good knowledge of those meds as well as general knowledge of psyche meds. Pediatric meds, geriatric meds. Lyme meds.
  5. Got a few ziplocks and some alcohol?  Pour about, roughly, approximately 1/4 part rubbing alcohol into 3/4 water.  I usually wing this but like I said, I’m an expert. Freeze and whalah you have a mold-able ice pack.  You can play with proportions.  More alcohol causes it to be more gel like, extra water gives you a snowy texture. Tripple ziplock.
  6. Extra strengh, add wintergreen alcohol instead of plain or essential oil into this mix and inevitably it will seep through and scent your freezer just a little but the mint is so pleasant when you’re nauseous.
  7. Explain your headache to me and I will assess it. Where is it? Symptoms? Tension? Migraine? Hemiplegic?  Who needs medical school when you’ve got me.
  8. Are you crunchy? I have experience with homeopathic remedies, .
  9. Also, alternative therapies expert.  Aromatherapy, massage, reflexology, acupuncture, TENS.
  10. Please know that this list was in jest and I’m just kidding mostly, except for the true parts. =)
'Off hand, I'd say you're suffering from an arrow through your head, but just to play it safe, I'm ordering a bunch of tests.'
‘Off hand, I’d say you’re suffering from an arrow through your head, but just to play it safe, I’m ordering a bunch of tests.’

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