Let me preface to say that my very best, longest friend is a pharmacist.  I love her dearly and always trust her opinions on any med I try. I  always ask her what takes so long to fill a freaking prescription 😉 She is always there for me when I have questions.  Like when I forgot I had already taken my ADD med and I took it again accidentally a second time. She reassured me no need to call the ambulance. \

My doc put me on a new migraine med. I’ve been wanting to try this med for a long time and all of my docs weren’t willing to try it yet because it’s “off label”.

I received a call from the pharmacist questioning the directions of the script .  I told him that she sent me the directions and than i was all set.  He was adamant that he couldn’t fill it until he spoke with the doc about the directions.  Are you kidding me?  I was soooo annoyed.  WTF, pharmacist.

Finally the script was filled.  I noticed the pharmacists personal note to me as to how to take the med.  I quickly opened the bottle and took a pill. Then I read the guys note! Oops.  Half a pill, apparently.

Damn myself for being a know-it-all.




One thought on “Pharmacists

  1. A big issue with pharmacies is that they are at the mercy of the insurance companies. Just like your pharmacist needed concise directions, even though you had directions from the doctor. The directions have to go through the insurance company believe it or not, and then the insurance company decides if your doctor knows what they are doing and if they should fill it. If they feel your doctor DOESN’T know what they are doing, they will then contact the physician and “barter” on ways that they will cover how the medication should be taken. It is a bunch of crap if you ask me. But that is one of the blessings of living here. My cousin is a pharmacist and she HATED working for CVS, she quit and works for a hospital now.

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