Must Have Meds

What current meds do you feel like you need to  you need to function?

Currently I’m having an insurance issue with one of medications.  I don’t take THAT many meds but I take some.  If I had to only be on two medications I’d make that my Lamictal and my Adderall.  Both of them seem effective for me.  Don’t screw with my adderall.

The lamictal has kept me from full blown mania. It put that switch right out. Unfortunately 🙂 I tried to wean off it myself several times but I never ended up making it because I always felt so bad without it.  I was an emotional mess and I had a lot of anger.

The Adderall gives me a bit of motivation to get things done.  Before adderall I could sleep a very long time. Pretty much all day.  It was a chronic, unrelenting fatigue.  It’s the only thing that makes a difference for me in a day to day setting.

I spent a good amount of my 30’s sleeping.  I felt like I was missing out on life because I was sleeping so much.  Sleeping my life away.  It was never enough. Even when I look back and didn’t see depression, there was still that deep ache of fatigue.

The adderall also seemed to help me at work with organizing and getting things done efficiently. It made a huge difference when I started to take it.  Over time I think it contributed to increased anxiety because it didn’t help like it did in the beginning.  Could have been a tolerance issue, too I guess. . I still wasn’t willing to give it up because it did help so much with my energy.






2 thoughts on “Must Have Meds

  1. Lamictal and Lexapro have given me back my life. Fortunately I have not had to alter them for several years. I do wonder what the aging process will do to my ability to handle these meds. At 61, I know this will eventually happen, however, at present I am very happy with the state I am in. Thanks for bringing this up. jan


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