Top 10 Ways To Get Me To Read Your Blog

  1. The blogs I like to read at the personal blogs.  I read many mommy blog type blogs, Dooce, Taza, That Wife… mostly to snark on their oh so perfect lives, the kinds with thousands of followers. I also read many blogs on wordpress. These are by far much more true life.
  2. Less than 1000 words.  I get overwhelmed reading too much text. If it’s long, something to break up the paragraphs.
  3.  I love to read the day to day goings of people.  Went here, did this, said this. Some have posted that their blog was boring…no. I can relate to it.   It’s not boring!
  4. When I first decided to start a blog I thought I’d be all about educating.  What are migraines, how are they caused, new treatments. Now when I come across a medically-ish blog I pass it by.  I don’t like blogs that are too journalistic or know it all. If I want to read stuff like that I’ll go to a real healthcare website.
  5. Bloggers that are authentic.  When I can hear their voice when reading.
  6. I’m not a fan of guest posters. If I read your blog it’s because I like your writing and style.  Sure, you can recommend or praise another blogger. I’d probably at least give them a look.  I’d just really prefer to listen to your voice when I’m on your blog.  Certainly I wont unfollow…just doesn’t interest me.
  7.  If you’re going to post about something, post it.  Don’t post vaguely. Vague posting sucks.  It’s done a lot on the blogs such as Taza or Dooce.  Btw, both bloggers I follow.
  8. Pictures!  However, I only post stock pictures.  I’m trying to keep anonymous myself so I understand not wanting to put yourself out there. But pictures always draw me in…even stock photos.
  9. Frequent posters, snippets into lives, parenting, marriage, mental health are a few of my interests.

Of course this is just a silly little list of my preferences. Blogs are here for us to post whatever…no judgement of any personal blog out there. This is just what attracts me and draws me to read a blog.




11 thoughts on “Top 10 Ways To Get Me To Read Your Blog

  1. I feel the same about much of what you said, though I’m not as in to blogs that are strictly daily journals. I think, however, that my blog posts do reflect what is going on in my head that day, just don’t go through the daily list of happenings.

    I agree that shorter blog entries tend to get a few more readers. I’ve tried to shorten mine a bit, but I do have a couple of story series that have 3-4 posts that are over 1,000 words. These longer posts are not heavy on “likes”, but the people who do put the time and effort into reading them usually comment with some nice feedback if they really liked the story. When I write longer posts they are usually meant to be possible parts of my memoir. Not that shorter ones might not be included, but they are usually just daily reflections or short articles.

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  2. Guilty as charged … I don”t like long blogs either … yet once I start writing I can’t seem to stop !! I have truly tried to cut down my posts. I have recently tried poems … even those are long. If you have a suggestion I would LOVE some help with this. I enjoyed your list … it hit home. Thank you, Jan


  3. I relate to personal “real-life” blogs as well. Thank you for sharing your opinion on what you like in a blog. it reminded me that I need to get better about adding pictures to mine (I am horrible at it). I don’t have a ton of followers and honestly just started mine up for a place to talk about Secondary Infertility and it progressed from there-however, not a professional blogger by any means and I don’t have a ton of followers (which I didn’t think I would considering the topics I primarily focus on-still a little taboo). I wanted to say I enjoy what I have read from your blog so far and thanks for keeping it real!

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