Anonymity Part II

I still think of this when I’m writing posts.  Mostly when I post too many incriminating details about my life, thinking someone can piece the details together and out me. I know it’s stupid.  But they say never post something on the internet unless you aren’t afraid it could come back to haunt you.

I used to belong to a band message board. My ID included my real name.  I know now that I was extremely manic. I’d be posting at all hours of the night.  I became friends with many.  I was flirty and chatty. I had way too much confidence.  I made bad decisions. I followed the band. I occasionally worried since I used my real name that I’d be connected to this flirtatious groupie (exaggerate….).

I really want to tell my story a little deeper so I’ve deleted a few of my personal posts to distance myself so I can be more authentic without worrying. Maybe it will give me more perspective.  I just don’t want my family to be hurt by my actions.



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