Happened on a Mound of Fire Ants

I went out into the garden several times today.  This morning I planted a flat of annuals along the pathway I made through one of my perennial gardens. It’s one I’ve been slowly improving.  Something was off until I put the stepping stones in and now it looks so cute! It was a large area so it needed a little path.

Yesterday as I was digging I must have hit a red ant nest because they were everywhere.  I asked my husb to pick up something for me to use because I just cannot get into the dirt with what was like a literal army of red ants. Once he got home they were long gone.

This afternoon I was back outside and I saw the whole army again travelling together across a stepping stone.  I dashed inside to get my phone for a video to show my doubtful husb.  But by the time I very quickly got back they were gone!!!! I felt like I was hallucinating.  There were a million…a sea of them! And then gone.




3 thoughts on “Happened on a Mound of Fire Ants

  1. I’m giggling … just like last year … I saw a black and white striped snake … he was headed toward our outside shower … I ran to get a hoe … to … you know … take care of him … got back and he was gone. Now every time I enter the shower I look for him … knowing he’s bound to be there somewhere. YIKES !!


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