On Medications, Gardening and Life Lately

Aaah, I’m really starting to feel my depression lift.  I’m so thankful.  Recently we increased two of my medications and I can tell it’s working.  He’s being cautious slowly increasing and monitoring my mood as to not go manic. My anxiety is slowly creeping down as it never has before. I’ve also never been on this high of a dose of my antidepressant ever.  NO WONDER IT DIDN’T WORK.   I didn’t give him enough credit in the beginning. I wasn’t so sure the route he was taking was going to work.  And it didn’t really. But now with the change things seem better.  I didn’t think he’d go slightly alternative with my meds but I’m truly blessed I found him.

I still have little interest in my past hobbies.  I’ve been forcing myself out of the house.  I go weekly to my mum’s for the paper crafting senior group she has in her ginormous craft room. It makes me smile that I’m crafting with some retired ladies but are so nice and have been so welcoming! I know my mum enjoys it when I go and so that is a doubly good thing. My attention span is not like it used to be so I spend several hours and return home. Sometimes I go to my local thrift store. I do enjoy that and I used to love going. Nowadays I’ve just strolled around not looking for anything specific but just seeing what’s there and trying to enjoy myself out of my house.

I really think the weather has helped me too.  Being out in the sunny weather, if only for short periods of time seems to make me feel better. I will have to stay alert for signs of reoccurring depression once the cold weather starts up again.  I didn’t realize it affected me.

I’ve been spending time in my garden, sometimes weeding a little.  Often deadheading the spent blooms. I’ve planted a few new lavender plants and a few others I’ve got on sale at Lowes. Love lavender. I have some lilies to plant (also sale!) which will wait til the husb works outside with me. I feel like I should be doing more.

Self care…not great.  Weekly showers-check, sleeping in my clothes-check, wearing said clothing more than a day-check. I know I’ve got a way to go but I’m feeling like me and better than I have in so long.



11 thoughts on “On Medications, Gardening and Life Lately

  1. I’m happy to read that you feel some improvement. That’s the right direction to head. And it sounds like you are slowly adding some positive activities. Please don’t be hard on yourself for what you’re still not doing. Concentrate on the things you’re beginning to do.


  2. We have a big ol garden. I’m more of the assistant to my husband, but when I can get out there and get my hands dirty I feel better too! I think the greatest statement is…I’m starting to feel like myself 😊

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