Life Stages

cg5394b4fa12150You know how parents say each age is their favorite? Every stage was my favorite. It’s hard to narrow it down to a single time frame because i love being a mum and love my children. So. Much. But I love this stage.

They are young adults now, each with a significant other. It’s definitely a new thing for all of us.  I love watching each of them in their happiness. My heart explodes.  (Maybe I’m a lil hypomanic!)

More often than not my husband and I are alone for dinner…especially the weekends. We have time to spend together working on home projects or just chillin on the couch having dinner together. I wouldn’t say we grew apart while our kids were younger but it’s hard to just concentrate on your relationship when you’re juggling jobs and kids. We’re growing closer.  We’re comfortable in our own skin/relationship. We like spending time together.

I’m looking forward to navigating this stage of life with my husband.  I’m so thankful for this strong man of mine. I can’t wait to grow closer and experience all that “middle age” has to offer. 😉

I’m learning that it’s ok to embrace what our life is now. I’m so lucky.  When I start to feel lucky I get scared and think it’s bound to end. Then my anxiety kicks in.


6 thoughts on “Life Stages

  1. So funny you posted this! I’m kind of in the same place with a child in their twenties and another in their teens. It’s a very strange world for me seeing as how I’ve been devoted to motherhood for over 20 years.

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  2. Although I’m not quite there, my husband and I had 5 years together before our son came into our lives. I so look forward to having him all to myself again in another decade or so. I found that I wasn’t as much of a baby person as I thought and greatly enjoy my son growing into himself. I can’t remember what company it’s for, some theme park or something, that has a commercial where the parents say “it’s about time” the kids got old enough to do more. I love that commercial!

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