What Is It About Mornings?

I hate the mornings and not because I’m too tired to get out of bed.  I hate mornings because of my utter lack of motivation and feeling overwhelmed.

My morning consists of getting up, making my bed, letting the dog out, feeding him and getting dressed.  I’ve made that my routine now.  Seems silly probably.

If I have something planned like an errand I can get myself up and out the door. I do my little routine and I’m off.  I feel a bit more motivated.  I’m a little excited to pick up a coffee..butter pecan is my new dunks flavor.

This morning I didn’t have anything to do.  Well….understatement of the year!  I can certainly clean my bathroom, do laundry…..fold a huge pile of it waiting for me on top of my washer and dryer.

Anyway, I got up about eight. I’ve done nothing since.  I watched a little tv for something to pass the time.  Then I sit and contemplate why I feel so low in the morning.  And then I remember…..my adderall.  I didn’t take it.  Not surprisingly after a couple of hours I have a little bit more motivation to do something productive.

I couldn’t live without the adderall.  It gives me just a small push to help motivate me to do something, anything.  I’m so thankful my pdoc prescribes it for me to help with motivation and depression. I don’t even really notice it kicking in.  I slowly just FEEL BETTER. Like I could hand folding a load of laundry or getting out in the garden this afternoon.





5 thoughts on “What Is It About Mornings?

  1. I totally understand the lack of motivation, especially when there’s nothing on the schedule; however, mine generally happens later in the day. I want to only live in the mornings and sleep through all the other times. I probably drink too much coffee early on!!

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  2. I hear you. I was always a late night person, go to bed at 4am and wake up at noon, and something has happened, probably stress, now I got to bed at 2am and I wake up at 6am – and noon feels a hell of a lot better than 6am. I hate mornings, I do not want to be a morning person. It is not like I am missing out on anything. Oh bother! xo Harlon

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  3. I feel this! Adderall is the best thing that’s happened to me in recent years (barring dancing and my husband and our cat, of course).

    Also,I’m so there about the past where it’s possible to get up and do something outside of the house, but if there’s nothing formally scheduled outside the house, it’s like the spark plugs don’t fire or something. I think this is why I like ballet so much: it’s full of rigorous structure and discipline, and as a result I don’t have to think about either. Left to my own devices, I’ll read in bed until noon.

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