Trace Of A Migraine

A trace of migraine has been with me since yesterday.  I had a doctor appointment which always stresses me out.  It’s mostly the drive but also the change in my schedule.  (A busy scheduled life I do not lead….)

Today I forced myself to do a couple of things I needed to do but was not comfortable doing and my headache is rising. I’d rate it about 7. I should take something. I know it wont disappear on it’s on but I hate taking meds.


4 thoughts on “Trace Of A Migraine

  1. I can relate, I am having a rough day and I’d like to think I could just make this go away by doing things like going for a walk or gardening – stuff that I know is good for me – but I can’t get myself outside to go for a walk or to get into the garden. I guess I am going to have to take meds too. I guess, the important thing to know is sometimes you know that you aren’t going to be able to get out of it alone, it’s worth trying first, but if the anxiety of trying to do that just makes things worse, then if you have the meds you need and do what you know you want them to do, then well, they do serve purpose. Be strong my friend and be gentle with yourself, Harlon

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    • Thank you Harlon ❤ I underdstand exactly…going for a walk? No thank you. Brushing my teeth? Later. Shower? I took one 4 days ago.

      My meds have definitely helped and I think it would be a good idea for you to try some medication. Have you tried any in the past?

      Hugs….you be gentle too.

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      • Maybe it’s no funny, but for me it’s funny, or at least nice to feel that I am not the only one. Brushing my teeth, yeah maybe. Shower, I am going for a massage later today so I guess I better show because it’s been four days as well. I rely pretty heavily on clonazapam, it seems to be the best “cure-it-all” for me – it’s just I have been under extreme stress lately so it just doesn’t seem to be working the way it used to. I have some appointments coming up to revisit my meds and dosing, so I am hoping things will get better.
        Hoping the same for you. Hugs, Harlon


      • Have a great massage! That’s awesome.

        Since you thought it was a little funny 🙂 Also….I’ve been known to wear the same clothes for more than a day and even sleep in them.

        I’m glad you’re revisiting meds. Maybe something long acting on board will help you! Then you can take the clonapin as needed. I know it can cause tolerance quickly and then you need an increase.

        I’m sorry you’re under such stress. ❤ Have a zen like massage!!

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