Phone Anxiety

So proud of myself.  I had to make a phone call.  Phone calls are like the mail.  I avoid at all cost.  I never answer my phone unless I know who the caller is.  And then I’m afraid to listen to my voice mails.  I can’t remember the password now so I cannot listen to them anyway and it’s all too much of a process to figure out.

It all stems from my anxiety of course. I always feel like I’m in trouble, something is wrong, someone is upset with me. That’s anxiety right?

So, anyway I’ve been trying to get little things done around the house and not feel so useless. I went to the store, picked up the kitchen, currently doing some laundry and I made that call.  :whew:


8 thoughts on “Phone Anxiety

  1. You are not alone! I hate the phone. Most of the time I will text over actually speaking. I also get really anxiety ridden when people “pop by” without checking first. I never had anxieties until I got sick. For a month after my surgery we kept the ringers off, and it was heaven.


  2. I can relate. I hate the phone, I don’t answer, even if I know you, unless I feel like talking. I would prefer people to leave me a voicemail and if it is important I will call them back. But everytime the phone rings, I get a sick feeling at the pit of my stomach. I get the same thing when I hear a pager going off. Good thing people don’t use those anymore! But good for you for making that call! I know how difficult it was.


  3. Way to go! Total anxiety. Lately, because I am on social assistance and every year I need to answer questions, provide documents etc….. I f***ing freak out. I don’t make the phone calls, I defer filling in forms (I mean it’s kind of dehumanizing for me to go to the bank and have them fill out a form that yes, I am essentially worth nothing to them). Anyway, I don’t fill out the forms, I don’t make the phone calls because I get so freaking freaked out and then….what do they say? something about hell in a handbasket. So I think it’s great that you made that phone call, I get how big of a step that is.
    I think I need to shower now and put on clean underwear and brush my teeth.
    Never mind!

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