Reluctant Cat Person

I love dogs, what can I say?  I don’t want to live without my pup.  I always will want to have a dog. I love them all.  I deeply believe in adopting and rescuing.

My husbands family has always had cats.  So, we have two cats.  I love animals 🙂  But cats are so aloof.  Maybe it’s just my cats.  One goes out and one stays in.  The inmate is 2 years old.  Parolee is 10.

Why don’t they understand like dogs do? My daughter says they do but they ignore you. And all i wanted was a lap cat.  I’ve never had a cat who was affectionate with me. We just don’t seem to get each other.

Lately I’ve been plying her with catnip and feather toys.  She is laying beside me right now!  Right up against me curled up and purrrring. Finally!



5 thoughts on “Reluctant Cat Person

  1. I’m a dog person myself. My husband, like yours, is a cat person. We have 2 dogs and 2 cats. Pixel, the russian blue, does her own thing. Shadow, the tortoise, is super lovey dovey. Torties are known as being affectionate cats, so…. maybe in the future that could be your next cat?


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