Meds stolen?

Has anyone had their meds stolen?

When my son was in high school I did by his friend staying with us while having problems at home.  Later he confessed and went to rehab. I felt so betrayed. It was a bottle of ADD meds that my son had refused to take.

Last night I went to take a klonapin. I couldn’t find it anywhere. My mind immediately thinks someone took it.  I have kids in and out of my house. I went to bed really uneasy. My husband said I just misplaced it because I misplace things all the time. Go to sleep. 🙂

All I could think of was having to tell my Pdoc my meds were stolen.  Like she’s never heard that before.  And I don’t think I’d be able to tell her.  I’d look like a drug seeker and I was abusing my medication.

This morning i found it.   I over reacted last night.  Once again my husband was right. I’ll keep him around 😉




5 thoughts on “Meds stolen?

  1. Thankfully you found them and they were not stolen. For most meds though, you can’t get them filled again (replacement rx) unless you file a police report for stolen property.


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