Danger and Debauchery

I flew alone to Philadelphia on my own one Thursday afternoon for a weekend.  I saw the SSDI psychologist very quickly jot that down in my exam.  I know why NOW.  I just didn’t know then.   This is a huge red flag.

I had been wanting to go to this big rock show but I didn’t have anyone to go with. Thanks to the internet I was connected with this other local girl who was going.  We both knew some people that were going to be there.

Flights were so cheap I decided to go.  I told my husband the truth, I really wanted to go to this show. I told him I had “met” this other lady from two cities over and she seemed really nice on the phone. We’d meet up in Philadelphia, see the show and friends and share a hotel room. I convinced him she was a friend of a friend of the group and it would be just fine. Music lovers take care of their own! (I do believe this to be ultimately true).

Her friends were saying the same thing.  You don’t know this girl you’re meeting up with. You’re sharing a hotel room with her?  She reassured them as I did there was no need to worry and music friends take care of their own.  See?

We didn’t have the same flights so I was waiting for this stranger at the gate in Philly. She told me she would be wearing a hat. Thank God we hit it off immediately.

I’m not going to lie, there was drinking and debauchery.  It was a fun time.  Today she is one of my dearest friends.

I know now that I was completely manic at the time.  I would NEVER do this now that my mania is stable.  She could have been anybody.  I was certain that she was a good person from our emails and phone call.  It could have been a very dangerous situation. I could have put myself in harms way.  My intuition told me that things would be fine though. And I have really good intuition. Truth!

Now that my mania is stable we’re off to see another show this summer. It’s a lift I need and something to look forward to.

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