Gettin’ Better Every Day

Since I left my job, my physical symptoms I was experiencing have gotten a little better from the reduction of chronic stress. I used to go to work sick all the time. My IBS was constantly flaring. My fibro and/or Lyme pain kept me awake many nights. Migraines were chronic and daily.

What was worse than the chronic complaints of pain though is the decline of my cognitive skills from chronic stress, anxiety and mood swings.  My memory is terrible. Simple math skills can be difficult.  I can no longer spell or write much more than basic sentences. I have a hard time expressing my ideas in person and on paper. My word recall is terrible. I thought writing this blog would help challenge me in this way and so far it has 🙂

Also, today was better than yesterday.


One thought on “Gettin’ Better Every Day

  1. Good to hear you are getting better. Sometimes we need a change of environment to feel better physically and emotionally, or at the very least we need to do what truly makes us happy. Hope you get even better, and keep up the good work with your blog 🙂

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