Today seems to be a good day so far. I got up later than I’d have liked but actually did a few quick chores before going to Lowes and Michaels. Rarely do I stop at more than one place if I’m out. It feels exhausting to do errands.  WHY can’t I be like normal folks who can work a full day and do a couple of errands too?

I went to Lowes because I wanted to get some annuals to plant. There were none. Nothing.  Ok, I exaggerate slightly.  I found one 12 pack of zinnia’s.   Cosmos and zinnias are my best loved annuals and I always plant them every year. I always wait til after Memorial Day because my husband insists that’s whats best. Then I will possibly procrastinate a week or so.

My mom plants her annuals well before May 30th.  I planted them for her two weeks ago. 🙂 Her annuals always take off because she plants so early.  So this year I’m getting them into the ground asap.  We shouldn’t have a frost.  (I hope)


4 thoughts on “Gardening

  1. I’m thinking about flowers, too. I think hubby and I will go to Lowes or Home Depot this coming weekend.

    I know exactly what you mean about being tired from too many errands. My max is usually a brief trip to the grocery store, the pharmacy (which I have to go to way too often), and the bread shop. Beyond that and I am beat. Too long out also makes me anxious. I used to have some agoraphobia. It’s eased significantly, but it’s still hard to be out. I’m only recently able to go to a concert and stay through the whole thing.

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  2. Hi! 🙂 I relate to a lot of this… I can’t do too much either 😦 I am writing also because of the Migraines – they are Awful!! I’m on a med that stops the Migraine developing into a full blown one. But the last couple of weeks, I have the ‘flashing’ out of the corner of my eyes and the associated nausea, stress, shakes and sweating. Right now I’ve been ‘attacked’, so I’m writing this very fast. The tabs I suppose help stop them fully, but after the recent symptoms, it’s a worry and a trip to the Dr is needed. Your post has made me realise I need to go see him. Thanks 🙂

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