Sense Of Smell

My sense of smell has never been right.  For a long time it was barely there.  I can remember driving past a dead skunk one night and it didn’t bother me the least.  I could hardly smell it I told my husb.

For the past couple of years different scents have either triggered a migraine or made it much worse. Fresh cut grass, frying fish and perfumes to name a few. My sense of smell becomes really heightened.

When I do have a migraine I love lavender and peppermint essential oils. They really help. Rub some on your forehead, temples, nape of neck. They start working immediately while waiting for your medication to kick in. Give it a try!



7 thoughts on “Sense Of Smell

  1. There are olfactory hallucinations, I believe they’re called. I have them. Often they come on after migraines, but most times during stress, anxiety and severe depression. I smell cigarette smoke when and where there is none. I cannot stand it. Have tried a number of remedies. Essential Oils various scents. Candles. Cleaning. But I actually have to go outside sometimes because even though it’s not real, I’m overwhelmed by the odor and my eyes will water.

    Screwed up.

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