Does Creativity Equal Mania?

Am I manic crafter?  In the past I would have joked that yes I am.  I get immersed in my projects.  When I’m knitting I have a few projects going on.  I’d definitely overspend on yarn and projects. I’d stay up very late working on things and never leave the house without a project in my bag.

This period of depression has effected my joy or sewing/knitting/quilting/embroidering/etc. Now I don’t want to do any of the creative things I have loved to do in the past.  I don’t have the patience.

I talked to my pdoc about my lack of interest in all of my past hobbies.  I wander around the house with plenty of time to do lots of the things I used to love to do but I just don’t feel any urge.  Nothing seems to be enjoyable to me.  She told me that she thought my crafting was related to my mania.

I think she might be right! I had never thought of this. It really makes me sad since being manic is not good for me and we are trying to avoid it. Is my creativity gone forever now that I’m on a mood stabilizer? I hope not.

Maybe as this depression lifts things will change.  Maybe I’ll get my hobbies back.  If not I’ll settle for happy.





17 thoughts on “Does Creativity Equal Mania?

  1. Mania does breed creativity, however, you don’t loose the ability when you aren’t manic. You may need to force yourself to get started more often now. But normally once I’m started I do really well.
    I used to be absorbed in art. It was my life. Then I got stable. It’s not the same. I still create, but I don’t have the desire I used to. Some things keep my interest better than others.
    Being stable is better.
    Life is different than it used to be, and glad.
    Hang tight. When the depression lifts things will be better.

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  2. I don’t think they are gone forever… try working on something and see how it feels… u just may need to be in the mood to do your crafting… I enjoy many different hobbies lol one never knows what I’ll be into next… all I know Is I gotta be in the mood for it

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  3. This is something with which many of us struggle. Stability is the goal. Contentment. You said, happy. I find myself content, at best. One of the reasons I don’t use the term “happy” is because I do miss the joy I felt while doing creative stuff during hypo and gull on manic bouts. It’s not fair, but we have to move forward and keep trying to find balance. I guess? I hope so. 😊💛

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  4. How odd! How random! I clicked on your blog post from the Daily Prompt website and see on your blogroll that you follow 2 blogs that I do too! Kaitlyn and the PTEN life. May I ask? Do you have the PTEN mutation as well?


  5. I’m definitely more creative when manic. Depression just sucks the joy out of everything you do. But I don’t believe we ever lose that creativity. The trick is in harnessing it when its at its optimum, while still maintaining balance

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  6. I’ve been told that my creativity is mania as well, I think that is bs, then again who knows. All I can say right now is continue to do what you love and don’t let the mania or depression of bipolar completely determine your happiness.

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