What Caused My Childhood Pain

I’ve often wondered about the root of my pain.  Did something happen to me to cause these migraines or was I just born this way? Was I a stressed out little baby and it turned me into a ball of crazy ever after?

My mom was verbally and mentally abused by my alcoholic father until I was about 3 or 4.  She has never has said exactly what he’d say. I only have a vague idea and a few memories.   Could that abuse effect a child that young?

I suffer from fibromyalgia.  It’s a syndrome which is noted to have occurrence in adults who were abused as children. I’ve never been abused as a child but I know what my mom experienced effected me deeply.  I do believe it was the trigger for my young migraines. It was just at that time she left him. I’d still have to see him sporadically throughout my childhood.

I think this is plain old genetic. My own daughter has suffered from pain symptoms since she’s been little. She also suffers from migraines and I know she has not been abused as a child.

My sister and I have no contact with our father now.  An amazing step-father stepped into his place and provided a safe and nurturing environment for all the migraines. Every one.

this is about my childhood with migraines.


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