Feeling Low and Sad

I’ve been out of my Lamictal for five days now.  It’s messing with my sleep and my mood. Sometimes I can miss a pill or two of something and feel no consequence but not the Lamictal.  My mood goes low and I get weepy.  It is a mood stabilizer afterall. It’s one that I can’t miss.

I feel so depressed.  I’m having a hard time dragging myself out of bed and then I don’t know what to do once I’m up. I’m feeling so overwhelmed at my mounting chores.  I started a paining project last week.  It’s not complete.  My furniture is scattered.  I just want to crawl back into bed.

This morning I got up after taking the first dose of Lamictal last night.  I slept a little better but my mood is no better and my motivation is lower.  I have a mild migraine.  I’m sitting in my fave chair under a blanket while binging on Naked and Afraid XL and feeling sad and negative today.




7 thoughts on “Feeling Low and Sad

  1. Please be careful when you miss Lamictal for too many days. After more than some number of days it should be restarted at a lower dose to avoid the dreaded rash.

    I’m glad you slept better and hope your mood improves shortly.

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  2. I’m in the same predicament with scattered, half-finished DIY stuff around the house. My choice would be going straight back to bed. When you’re depressed, find the best comfort you enjoy and stick to it until it lifts. The mess isn’t going anywhere and you’ll just feel even more overwhelmed trying to tackle it. Snuggle up under that blanket and wait it out ❤

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