Work Bully

I worked in a medical office and I was bullied.  She was my new superior, didn’t like me and picked on me relentlessly.  Left me notes with comments, accused me of making errors that were not mine publicly in front of patients and staff. It took me a while to figure out she was truly harassing me. I should have went to my higher up sooner and kept her notes.

Every morning my anxiety was in full force.  Would she leave me alone today? After work I’d go over and over my day in my head to make sure I had done everything I needed to do and correctly. Anxiety on top of this can make you forgetful and distracted. I was not perfect.  It was not fun.

Ultimately it is why I left my job in a panic attack.  I had been there over 5 years. I try to forgive her but it’s still hard.  I try to remember kindness.  I’m in a better place now.

I urge you to take action if you are being bullied. You don’t deserve it and it’s not your fault.  ❤

7 thoughts on “Work Bully

  1. That sounds like a horrible episode in your life. I hope you are in a better place now. It’s strange to see how nasty people can be to each other.

    She must have been going through some sort of inner torture herself, to take it out on someone so unjustly.

    Very important message in your blog an brave of you to describe what you went through!

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  2. I was once bullied by a boss. A female boss. She barely trained me and yet expected me to know how to do everything. I’d ask for time to ask questions and she’d tell me only at 5:30 pm. Then I’d go to her desk at 5:30 pm and she was out smoking. She also left nasty memos for me, but I did save them and went to her boss with a complaint. I eventually asked for a job change. I got the same money, but a lesser title. Eventually that mean boss (whom I called “Wicked Witch of the West”) was fired. She was nasty with other people too.

    I used to go home during lunch just to cry. It was horrible.

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