Debilitating Migraine Pain

Do you rate your migraines? I rate mine like I rate pain 0-10.

I had a 10 once.  The worse headache I’ve ever had. I think it was one of those thunder-clap headaches.  I’ve never had such pain.  We were on the way for an MRI and my migraine turned quickly into this screaming, squeezing my head between my hands thing. It lasted about a minute.  My husb was freaking while driving since he had never seen me have a headache this bad. I had no migraine meds and thought that was the cause and it just got that bad. We were already at the hospital for the MRI so I should have just been seen.

For me a 4 is a minor headache.  I put off meds even though we’re told to take them at the fist sign.  Instead I ignore that and thinking maybe it will go away on its own. Try some water. Ignore it.  When I get to seven I still might not take them but I definitely should. They get worse and then I’ve spiked to an eight or nine and I’m just dying for the triptan to kick in and hope it works this time.

I should know better.


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