Does Weed Fry Your Brain?

I’m going to be honest.  When I first saw the post of the day word “fry” my mind went to pot. Hah! And then it went to marijuana. Does weed fry your brain?  It first made me a little paranoid (hah again!) to talk about this on my totally private blog. 🙂 such a dork.

You know that there are hundreds of articles to smoke or not.  Pros vs cons.  Healthy or not.  Good or bad. Fries or not.  Favorable statistics vs non. I’m no expert, certainly.  I don’t believe it is good for growing brains to be smoking so I’m against kids smoking pot. It’s not for everyone.  This is just my experience.

My husband grew up in the 70’s and was a user in the day.  He’s was a hippie!  I was a little aghast when he told me he smoked pot.  I lectured him (years later) how terrible it was.  How I would never do it.  Are you kidding me? Never.

I never smoked cannabis until I was 38.  I had just finished nursing school when I was introduced to it by a good nursing school friend.  I was shocked she smoked…a nurse! (since then I’ve met many more). I never even knew until she told me. I gave her my uninformed opinion.  She changed my mind with facts.  Once I tried it I couldn’t believe the controversy. I think I was expecting a psychedelic experience.  And it was nothing like drinking and being out of control.

Since then I’ve used cannabis safely for my migraines. It has worked well for me.  If I have a migraine and have used my all migraine meds without effect it truly helps. It helps for pain control, nausea and sleep.

So it’s another judgement thing.  I was just as guilty of judging my husband and friend until I was able to make my own informed decision.  In my opinion it’s an effective tool for migraine.  I’m happy to see it becoming legalized in some states and is used medicinally in others.

What do you guys think?

8 thoughts on “Does Weed Fry Your Brain?

  1. this post def made me giggle.. i remember my pot days.. started from the age of 14 to about 19… it was fun for me with my friends but i never did it again after 1999… i just got bored with it… my manager suggested i start smoking it again but i cant… the munchies themselves would kill me… to be hungry the way i remember back then… no thanks lol i’m trying to keep this weight off… =) but you know what… maybe one day who knows lol i’m so contradictory … go figure… =/


  2. I agree it is an effective treatment for migraines. I make cannibus infuses coconut oil and will take a little for a migraine. It really does help, sometimes it dies make me sleepy.
    That’s why I use it as a sleep aid too. A little oil and I’m sleeping good. Great on insomnia nights.
    If only it was legal. Sigh.
    I’ve wanted to write a post about it on my blog, but I don’t write anonymously. I’d hate for something to happen to us because of that.
    But I really want to write it.
    Thank you for sharing your story.


  3. I’m glad you’ve found relief for your pain. A person shouldn’t have to live with pain. I smoked in my 20’s. It made me super paranoid. But back then I didn’t know I had bipolar, and paranoia is one of the symptoms. I don’t smoke pot anymore now, but I’m still paranoid 😉

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  4. I think the strength of smoking occasionally is that it makes you see life from another angle, a more inspired angle. The same effect can defuse an upcoming ailment such as a headache, a throat ache or some such things.

    I would never smoke it to get sleep. It keeps me up and I am normally a great sleeper.

    Cannabis is really a mind altering substance and a lot of people make the mistake (IMO) of smoking at parties while drinking or smoking while having a conversation. I think it should be respected as a spiritual drug, giving access to a truth that, in the moment, is greater and more profound than what we normally perceive. If it really is a truth is another matter.

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