Touch of Grey


I’ve been doing some trim painting with an opaque (ha!) grey.  I’m not a good solo painter, though.  I wanna get going on it then I peter out at about an hour. Then the damn cleanup. I always ask “when can we paint?” which of course really means ‘when is he paining’.

I am so easily overwhelmed and f’ing tired.  My sister will paint her ceilings and walls herself in a day.  And she claims she is tired.  Yeah, no kidding.

Anyway, so these word promts have been really fun. Great inspiration. They’ve really helped me jump into writing about my illnesses.  I’m not not a creative writer or a poet though once in a while it’s fun. I’ve been reading some good poetry on wordpress!! And oh, lyrics I love you so.

So yeah, that’s what I’m going to keep doing.


2 thoughts on “Touch of Grey

  1. I love your blog so please keep going. I’m the same with painting. First cleaning the walls, then painting and the cleaning up part?? I prefer to just throw away the paint brushes and rollers and buy new ones next time because I can’t bear the clean up process. I’m looking at my beige walls which I hope to paint grey…. and already I’m exhausted!! 🙂

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