Climing Headache Hill

Tonight after Easter, my head is beginning to really hurt.  It was an emotional day for me…family dynamics kind of thing.  I cried on the way to my parents on the way home. Suffice to say that kind of crying and trying to hold it back can lead to a stuffy head headache. I took something for my anxiety and it seemed to do little.

I had an aura earlier. My forehead and eyes began hurting .  Pressure with eye pain.  And I think, it’s not so bad. I can hold off at this point. I can kick this with sleep later. It will just magically disappear.  In reality this migraine will get worse by the moment if I don’t take something.  An hour later my migraine climbs to a decent 7.  Definitely worthy of my very last triptan I’ve saved for an emergency.  It will save me from a level 9 migraine.

My daughter came home from her boyfriend’s house. Immediately grabs some towels and heads for the shower and says she has a migraine “that is not that bad, I took 4 advil and I’m real nauseous”.  As she had not filled her own script I gave her my last triptan.

Instead I took two excedrine and I hope I’m not up writing tarty migraine poetry all night 😉





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