Measure Your Pain

As a nurse it was my job to ask my patients to measure their pain.  But pain is a subjective matter. That’s why we have pain scales.  The pain scale goes from 0 -10.  Zero is no pain and 10 is to the worst pain you’ve ever felt.  There are several kinds of these charts and even a pediatric pain chart for helping the little ones.

But don’t judge.  You can’t know how much pain someone is having.  The invisible illnesses that you can’t see are all around us. I could have been racing around my office with a level 8 migraine but I could make it through the day because you learn to live with your pain.  You might think I’m lying since I was actually doing my job and not laying in a dark room (which would be my preference…but work) Also what you might not know is I ran to the rest room and threw up between patients.

Now that I’m not working I don’t measure anyone elses pain except my own. It’s nice to use a tracker or an app to measure your migraines and pain levels.





6 thoughts on “Measure Your Pain

  1. I always find the question rate your pain on a scale of 1 -10. I was asked that after recent knee surgery and whilst I gave a 6 I’m sure it would have been a 9 for others. 😃🐻

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  2. So true Ive always masked it with a smile, pushed through the day and fell apart in between yet constantly been told you don’t look sick… You’re amazing looking after patients through all that! Fair play to you:)

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