Migraine Guilt

It’s so hard for me to believe my migraines aren’t my fault. It’s all stress.  You stress yourself our.  I can’t keep my stress level low, I should be meditating, exercising, yada

Over time I’ve seen a lot of doctors and therapists.  None of the various meds worked. PT, massage, acupuncture.  I researched good doctors.  I was going to my appointments and rechecks, doing whatever was asked. I was taking the medications. I’m also a nurse.

What is wrong with me? My body is failing. And it’s all my fault. My headaches are my fault. Everything is failing because of me. Poor me. :sigh:

I remember one particular night after my acupuncture needles were inserted and the tears just flowed out my eyes down my face and into my ears. The acupuncturist asked if I wanted to take the needles out. She was so sweet when I had explained how I was feeling about losing the migraine battle. We left them in. My tears were a good release.

All I can do is keep trying different things, talk to my doctors when I need to and keep a positive spirit.  No negative thinking.  I do not cause my migraines.


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