Healing From Anxiety and Stress

The day I quit my job I started to heal. Eight months later I was on disability and being home has helped heal a lot of my symptoms. I had such terrible anxiety working (and home) I’d forget words all the time. Poor concentration, nausea. I had panic attacks at work all the time, worrying about my job performance. I’d worry after I left for night if I did everything right. My migraines were near daily. IBS had me up at night. My fibromyalgia was bad. And the bullying at my medical job increased with my anxiety. My job performance began to decline as my anxiety ramped up and my bosses were on me.

To heal, the first thing is to forgive myself for quitting without notice.
It was a panic attack and I was at the end of the rope. I did love my job for over 6 years. I also need to forgive my bosses. Let it go.

Now that I’m home the reduction of stress is so much lower. I am able to live my life without major worrying every day. My panic attacks have decreased. I’m living a healthier life without stress.



3 thoughts on “Healing From Anxiety and Stress

  1. I experienced almost the exact same thing that you described. I’ve been on disability for a while. Though it took a while (even on disability), to heal well. I had to really be patient.

    I remember the last attempts at working I tried hard, but there were days I hid in my car and cried. I was frozen with fear at my desk. My boss even gave me accommodations, but it wasn’t enough.

    I no longer experience anxiety much in my situation, but I’m sure when I take more steps forward I will. But I’ve learned a lot of coping skills. I hope they’ll really help. They’ve helped to a good degree already.

    My doctor and husband think I should maintain a calmer lifestyle for good. I guess that would be best, but I’ll see what happens in the future.

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