Champion Loser


I wish to be a champion mother.

I’d love to  have dinner on the table each night.  To be able to get up early and not look lazy.  In bed with an ice pack and another migraine.

My laundry would always be done.  No waiting piles to be washed or folded.  The house would be spotless, company ready. My dog would get a walk and I’d get some exercise.

instead its hard not to feel like a failure when you have chronic illnesses.  You’re so fatigued everything is a burden.  Luckily my family is very supportive and gives me lots of help.  But still, I want to do it myself.

Champion? It’s more like loser.





10 thoughts on “Champion Loser

  1. I used to get those all the time, I had to lay in a dark room for 4 hours to get rid of them. You want to help your family, in my book you are a winner. Heart defines champions, not injuries or illnesses. Hang in there!


  2. I can relate, unfortunately. I’ve started following Anthony William’s (The Medical Medium) protocol. I’ve been on it for over 5 months. Just starting to see the light in a major way. I’m not up to par yet, but at least I’m on the green! It’s always good to know you have people out there who understand the pain of it all. You know. I know. Here’s to healing. 🙂 Take care!


  3. I get it. I want to do it myself, but sometimes I just can’t. This doesn’t make me weak, I have to be strong to accept help.
    Hubby once told me that it is his honor to care for me. That made all the difference, I know I’m not a burden now.
    I’m sure your family feels the same. ♡


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