My life was going along as good as you’d expect. I had ups and downs. Who doesn’t?  I was going on with my life working a full time job. I began having more anxiety at work. One afternoon i had a severe mental breakdown. Uncontrollable crying. I quit my job on the spot. My anxiety was through the roof and I couldn’t go back to work.  Soon after I found out I had bipolar disorder.


9 thoughts on “breakdown

  1. It’s okay!! You got this! Bipolar does not and never will define you! YOU define IT! It is nothing more than showing everyone around you that not only are you amazing, you’re amazing even with a set back. It’s like winning a race you started 5 seconds after all the other racers. There will always be hard days. There will be days you want to scream and cry and be angry at who you see in the mirror. Do all those things- just don’t ever give up. Don’t ever stop fighting to prove that you are no less of a person, no less valuable of an asset and that you absolutely are not “broken” in any way. There is no reason for there to be any sort of stigma around Mental Health, prove that by letting your light (or in some of our cases our rays of dark ;] ) shine through even the hardest days. Chin Up!


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