My 10 Go To Tool’s for when I’m out of my migraine meds

  1. Ice.  I use ice for my forehead and back of neck.  Often I will wake up and my eyes are numb from the ice.  Its effective for me because my pain is greatest in my eye.
  2. peppermint essential oil across the forehead (careful!) and the back of the neck.  I sometimes mix it with lavender.  The peppermint’s cooling sensation on the skin helps take the edge off. It’s also something you can easily use if you are out and about.
  3. My bed.  I typically sleep on my back with knees up.
  4. My tens.  This is my go-to for a migraine with extra tight muscles on the side of my neck.  It really loosens the muscles.  You start out very lightly and then when you’re used to it you can dial it down.
  5. sun glasses if I’m going to be leaving a building.  I even wear my sunglasses on a bright but cloudy day.  Sunlight is a big trigger of mine.
  6. a shower.  No brainier, right? I like to put a few drops of peppermint, or rosemary.  It smells amazing and they aren’t a strong floral scent,
  7. Later when I’m feeling a little better I love a Fountain coke. I know everyone has heard of coke added to your advil or tylenol which is a good idea.  However, there seems to be more coke syrup (maybe?) I crave this and I’m guilty of asking my kids to go to the corner store for me.
  8. Frankincense and Myrrh.  This stuff is amazing,  It helped my husbands back pain.  He was so impressed and didn’t believe it would work at first.  I’ve found it at my local pharmacy near the diabetic things.  It does have other essential oils in it too but it’s worth it.
  9.  My dog.  He knows when I’m getting a migraine and always lays with me. Something about my pup is so healing,.
  10. Later, when my husband comes home he will pick up my meds at the pharmacy. Hopefully they will do the trick.


21 thoughts on “My 10 Go To Tool’s for when I’m out of my migraine meds

  1. Migraines are the pits – I know exactly what you mean. Dogs are very sensitive what we are feeling, mine curls up with me too when I’m suffering. Once when my twin boys were about 8 months old I suffered an awful migraine and lay on the floor with an arm in each, praying they would stay asleep and amazingly they both slept 2 hrs longer than normal!! I think they sensed my needs…


  2. I take aspirin because I can’t really have anything else because of the medication I am on. I find I always get tired when I feel them coming on I would love to know why. What are your triggers mine is stress.


  3. What’s a tens?? I had a migraine today and then saw your username when you commented on a different blog… felt like fate! God they’re the worst. Thought my brain was about to explode out my eyesockets.


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