meaningless suggestions

It is so frustrating and annoying when an acquaintance comes up to you as a migraine patient and makes a dumb suggestion. They say they have heard about something on the news. Or they will  say it worked for their friend. It will be something seriously simple (and ineffective) like allergy medication or massage!  What a great suggestion I’ve never thought of before!

As a migraine patient I’ve been around the block.  With migraines over my life time I’ve been to enough doctors and therapists.  As a nurse I’ve also been to many continuing education courses and have learned much from these smarter than me educators/doctors/nurses.

I’ve already been through a whole host treatments.  I’ve been through a gauntlet of medications…all meaningless. I’ve been through physical therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, homeopathy.  You get the picture!

While I’m appreciative of ideas to treat my migraines I’m very educated in my disease. That said, I’m always on the lookout for new treatments for migraine headaches.  I’m pretty much willing to give anything a try so if you have something to share please do!


3 thoughts on “meaningless suggestions

  1. Ahh, yes, armchair doctors and their migraine “cures”. Someone asked me the other day if I’d tried aspirin…I said no, in the 27 years I’ve been trying to wrestle migraine into submission, it never occurred to me to take aspirin. 🙂

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