Migraine Triggers

Migraineur’s know that one of our greatest suggestion is to keep a regular schedule.  It is suggested to go to bed at a reasonable hour regularly.  You want to avoid staying up late or sleeping in too long in the morning.  I have a regular alarm on my phone that chimes at bedtime. Even though I don’t work, I still set my alarm for the morning.

I try to make minimal changes in my daily routine or I know I will get a migraine.  This means traveling, going to see friends, concerts, shopping will all trigger a migraine.  If it’s something I really want to do, I will take the trade off.  Luckily I can treat the migraine.

I think I’ve told every migraine doctor that if I changed my schedule I’d get a migraine. They all acted like they had never heard such a thing. They look at you and cock their head and hmmm.  Last year I was watching a migraine lecture and the esteemed doctor at Stanford said that changing a schedule was one of the top things migraine patients complain of.



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